Corporate Social Responsibility

As a group we believe that contributing back to society is not only a responsibility of every corporate but a commitment. Through our CSR initiative, Samta Foundation, we truly believe that we have the opportunity to make a difference. We can restore the sense of balance, equality and equanimity that society was always meant to live with..

In its 7 years of existence, Samta Foundation has already impacted millions of lives through its mission 'To ensure that aid reaches exactly where, when and how it is needed and create value for our society by applying real-world solutions'.

Founded in 2012, Samta Foundation began making forays into the fields of health care, starting with cataract care, and education, treading carefully into regions that needed desperate and urgent help. Gaining confidence of the locals through effective work, it has slowly expanded its work to Prisoners’ Transformation and many other Community Services.

To know more about the impact created by Samta Foundation and read stories of real change, please visit: www.samtafoundation.org

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